Extreme Service Actuators

MATIC ActatorLow maintenance and long life actuation for installations

The MATIC range of extreme service actuators – consisting of the Type QS and Type CX – offers low maintenance and long life actuation for installations where corrosion risks are high. Manufactured from high quality 316 Stainless Steel the MATIC range operates using the rack and pinion (Type QS) and Cam (Type CX) mechanisms. The range is available in both double and single acting configurations for torques up to 10,000Nm.

Type QS offers many innovative features that enhance its functionality. These include duplicated drive dimensions top and bottom to enable easy reversal of spring action, and springs that are installed on the shaft side of the piston to prevent any air leakage through the shaft. Type CX offers the same unique design features as the Camtorc series actuators and provides an ideal solution for the actuation of larger size valves..

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