Control Systems

MATIC Control PanelActuator control systems

The control systems for actuators are of fundamental importance for providing actuator performance, functionality and reliability. Our engineers have considerable experience in this field and can supply bespoke control systems for valve actuation to satisfy all of the end client’s operational requirements.

These include:

  • BDV (Blow Down Valve) systems.
  • ESD (Emergency Shut Down) systems.
  • ESD Riser systems (as ESD with additional controls for local emergency closure and partial testing of the valve).
  • HIPPS (High Integrity Process Protection System).
  • PST (Partial Stroke Test) systems.
  • Modulating systems.

To compliment these bespoke control systems, MATIC also offer a full programme of position feedback devices including the range of IMTEX Position Monitors (details available on the IMTEX Controls website)..

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