FPAL First Point Assessment Ltd

Building and supporting buyer-supplier communities

FPALMATIC Actuators became members of First Point Assessment Ltd (FPAL) in August 2011. FPAL works to identify, qualify, evaluate, and monitor suppliers on behalf of its purchasing members. Their purpose is to build and support buyer-supplier communities in the oil & gas industry, creating an effective Supply Chain network.

FPAL, the direct route to business in the Oil & Gas Industry, aims to find the perfect supplier for every buyer. FPAL works to identify, qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers on behalf of its Purchasing members.

FPAL was established in 1996 and is governed by an industry-based steering committee.

Any current or prospective supplier to the UK, Dutch and Irish Oil and Gas Industry is invited to register by completing an on-line questionnaire which allows them to describe their full range of products, services, capabilities and supply history. Supplier profiles are then made available, on-line, to over 80 purchasing members who interrogate this list of suppliers in order to produce a short list, in accordance with the EU Utilities Procurement Directives.

FPAL is one of a range of supplier management services provided by the Achilles Group, with individual schemes for buyer and supplier communities across a diverse range of industry sectors throughout the world.

Our Supplier Number is 10049072.

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